The Wedding Party


Sara....The Bride                      

Get this ring off! Nobody said I had

to get MARRIED!

Probably the most laid back bride ever.

Likes cake, diamonds, cake, handbags



Tone....The Groom

STOP! Dont shoot, my dancin's not that bad.

Wedding planner of the year 2007.

Spreadsheet king, all round geek and

embarassing dad.                                               


Hughie....Father of the Bride

Olympic BBQ Gold Meddalist!

Sky World War II verteran and close confidant

of Adolf & Benito (they should have bloody


Glaswegian....So don't mess!                             


Dan....The Best Man

Hi! I'm Dan 'Juan' Robinson.

Dan, a few years younger, when he was a hit   

with the ladies (and i'm sure he still is).

Lock up your daughters, Dan Juan's about.



Princess Emily.

Diva, Supermodel and all round star.

It's MY day and don't let anyone tell you any




Hula Dancer Extraordinaire!                          

Emily's mentor, glamour is her middle name.

Expect great moves at the evening party.


Looby....Flower Girl                   

Lucianne's bestest smile!

Yes! she is as loopy as she looks.

Another trainee glamourpuss and not quite

as angelic as photo suggests.


Paul R....Usher                           

Tiger Read!

Even at a family BBQ Paul still manages to

squeeze in a round of golf.

Almost (but not quite) as glamourous as Lisa.       


Paul C....Usher                           

The thinker!

Paul wonders what's going on...........


Ben....Page Boy                          

Hi there girls!

Ben shows his dad how to woo the ladies.

Age is no barrier for our little Romeo,

so watch out girls, he'll be wearing a

Scottish skirt.


Maggie....The Brides Mother      

Hughie! I've only got four left!

Maggie demonstrates that binge drinking can

be glamourous.

Also Glaswegian, so buy her a drink or else!


Anne....The Grooms Mother       


A lifelong social recluse, Anne contemplates

keeping up with Maggie.

Don't do it Anne! Maggies been training

for years.