The Stags!

Well the stag night has passed and we're now heading towards the big day itself at light speed. There are literally only days left now before all the hard work comes to an end and the festivities begin.

A group of hardened ex-SAS toops (aka Me, Hugh, Dan, Phil, Paul C, Paul R, Ian, Az & Rob) headed for the well publicised war zone, just outside Chester early on Saturday, after partaking in a rather tasty breakfast at Morrisons (it's an SAS tradition don't you know). The battles commenced, and along with a group of young scouse kids, who are far tougher than any member of a military organisation, my team kicked the others butt 4 games to their 1, with the storming of the castle and the heroic charge by Phil, Paul R & myself being the pinnacle of the day (well in my opinion anyway). Nursing significant flesh wounds, and with very muddy shoes, we headed back to base to get freshened up before our trip into Manchester for the evening.

A night of alcohol and some of the best Chinese nosh we'd ever tasted at a restaurant called Yang Sing were in store for the evening, after which we headed home in the minibus where Bertie & Meaty decided to have an impromptu wrestling session on the floor the whole way home. We decended upon girls at the Hen's house to say goodnight before returning to the Stag's house at around 3am where loud karioke and poker (played for Pringles) were to bring the night to a close.

Dan (the best man) did buy a nurses outfit for me to wear around Manchester, but unfortunately I was way to chicken, sorry Dan! There are however some pic's of me modeling it at home for the boys.

The album below has all the photo's from the day & night but be warned there are quite a few. many thanks to Dan & Az for their contributions to the pictures and to everyone who took photo's with the disposables.

Thanks to you all for a great day and we'll see you at the wedding.