On this page we'll keep you up to date with bit's & pieces that dont fit anywhere else on the site. We'll put stuff here leading up to the big day, which is frighteningly close now. 

  • Tuesday 13th November - We survived the Hen & Stag nights and the photo's have been added to the site. There's less than a month to go now and attention is turning to the finer detail such as speeches, dress fittings, hair, make-up etc. The boys are to be measured for their outfits this week and we have an appointment with the registrar on Saturday.
  • Monday 5th November - Well, most of the RSVP's are back, those of you who haven't returned then know who you are. Shame on you! :o) The last few weeks have been manic, sorting this and that, but more distressingly i've been paying money out hand over fist. Sara has finally started shopping for all the Bride's & Bridesmaids accessories and the fitting for the mens kilts is booked. There is still so much to do but the important thing this week is preparing for the Hen & Stag nights. There is vitamin C, lucozade, plans for eating before the drinking to try and minimise the hangover the following morning, all i'm sure in absolute vain. We will however have lot's of disposable cameras so hopefully sometime next week there will be pic's on the website. The stags will also be hunting me down with paintball guns and 400 rounds (each) of ammo for three hours on Saturday too, so i'll be bruised from the paintball and hungover. Hmmm, not the best combination, but hopefully i'll live to tell the tale.
  • Thursday 11th October - THIS POSTAL STRIKE IS NOT FUNNY! Seriously, the postal strikes are hindering the RSVP's and other wedding plans. If you can get your RSVP's back to us in any other way, i.e. give them to us personally if you work with us, then please do so as soon as you can. If not, just put it in the lottery that is our postal service ASAP. You never know, we might get them before the big day, but I won't hold my breath.
  • Monday 8th October - The photographer came around tonight, yep! that's correct, we have only just booked our photographer 9 weeks before the big day, not that we've left it to the last minute or anything. That's one less thing to think about. He's a great guy who takes fantastic photo's (he's even been the official photographer for the Queen at Crewe Hall) and most of you will get to meet him as we're having him come back for the evening party to take photo's of our evening guests too. No expense spared hey!
  • Saturday 6th October - Well, it's been a busy week sorting and arranging. The venue dressers are booked, the stag night invites are ordered and we're sitting watching TV sorting favours. There just sooooooo much to do. Bloody postal strike. You send out wedding invites then the post men decide to strike for a week. It's a conspiracy to stop us getting the RSVP's!
  • Monday 1st October - After weeks of farting about the Evening invites have finally been posted. To those of you reading this who haven't yet sent the RSVP back.........DO IT!
  • Saturday 29th September - We have been down visiting our freinds, Loretta & Ian, in the south, Tunbridge Wells to be precise. We wen't to visit Loretta's sister Ruth, who is a silversmith, and I spent the afternoon polishing the wedding rings from their rather dull blanks into the sparkling beauties that you will see on the day. See the photo below of me hard at work.

  • Monday 24th September - The wedding dress, or gown as I'm told it should be called, has finally arrived all the way from Australia. Sara wen't for her first fitting today, accompanied by the two mum's. The frock is apparently a perfect fit.