Crewe Hall 

Crewe Hall, just outside Crewe in Cheshire, is the beautiful venue for our wedding. We fell in love with the place several years ago when relatives of ours, Rob & Heather, who live in Perth, Australia, took the family there whilst they were over visiting. The majestic exterior and the historically beautiful interior, coupled with fine food & wine, made Crewe Hall the first choice location for our big day.

Crewe Hall has a fascinating history, with it's origins dating back to 1170. It came into the Crewe family in 1608, but was in such a state of decay that it was demolished in 1615 and the rebuild completed in 1636.

A fire broke out in the Hall in 1866, when one of the timbers above a fireplace caught light, and the interior of the mansion was almost completely burnt out. The Hall had to be rebuilt again, and the third Baron of Crewe, Hungerford Crewe, hired Edward Barry to supervise the work.

Barry restored it with the wealth of mid-Victorian ornamentation that can be seen today. Richly designed ceilings, exquisite marble fireplaces, ornate carved wood and stained glass gave Crewe Hall its magnificence and it provided hospitality on a grand scale for many leading politicians and leaders of the day, with the highpoint being King George V and Queen Mary's stay in 1913.


Edward Barry was the architect who built the Covent Garden Theatre, Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, and Charing Cross Station and Hotel, and he was also in charge of the final work on the Houses of Parliament from 1860-70. During the reconstruction of Crewe Hall, Barry added a further extension to the Hall - the West Wing and the prominent Tower.

Having no heirs to the title in 1931, Lord Crewe offered the Hall to Cheshire County Council, who declined the offer. It was later sold to the Duchy of Lancaster in 1936 and remained the property of the Crown until 1998.

Occupation by the War Department was part of its use during this time, housing overseas troops from Australia and America - and was used as a prisoner of war camp for over 2,000 high-ranking German Officers.

The Welcome Group, a medicines company leased the Hall until 1994 and it was then empty until 1998. The hall was purchased and the transition to a luxury hotel was made. The first twenty five Bedrooms and the Ranulph Restaurant were incorporated into the main house, then the modern West Wing bedrooms and Brasserie were completed in 2002.

Marston Hotels bought Crewe Hall in July 2003 and it now boasts a total of 65 guest rooms with 26 Executive bedrooms and Suites within the original Jacobean Hall itself - these individually furnished and designed rooms include Four-poster rooms and the sumptuous Royal Suite where King George V and Queen Mary stayed in 1913.

A further 39 classically modern rooms are situated in a brand new building known as the "West Wing", connected to the original Hall with a glass link. These are large by 4 star standards with air conditioning and most have lovely views of the gardens.

Crewe Hall also has one of the finest examples of a Jacobean staircase in England and its own beautiful chapel with a wealth of decoration, featuring twelve stained glass windows depicting the apostles, alabaster and marble carvings and Biblical figureheads in bronze.

Fine dining can be had in the Ranulph restaurant within the historic Hall itself, where the finest ingredients available are coupled with a fresh and innovative style, to produce dishes of unrivalled quality and presentation. Also, connected to the main Hall via the glass link is the contemporary Brasserie, which offers a blend of up-to-the-minute menus and an amazing array of worldwide wines. It also has a unique feature - the "Revolving Bar"!

Q Hotels have recently purchased Crewe Hall to add to their portfolio of fine hotels.

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