Turning the wedding into reality has been and still is hugely time consuming. On this page we'd like to thank the people who have helped us to plan the wedding and make it the fantastic day that we are sure it will be.

The following people have played a part in the planning of our big day;

  • Emily Roberts - for her constant input!
  • Hugh Canavan - for his financial support.
  • Maggie Canavan - for her shopping prowess & financial support.
  • Anne Bennett - for her input into the wedding dress & financial support.
  • Lisa Read - for her continued support and planning of the hen night.
  • Dan Robinson - for his website idea and stag night planning.
  • Ruth Praill - for supplting the wedding rings & letting me finish them myself.
  • Loretta Meaton - for helping sort out the rings and continued support.
  • Bertie (Robert Gordon) - for helping us to choose the wines for the day.